The Murphy Family


We just wanted to let you know that the BBQ sauce was a huge hit! Rachelle was so surprised and our guests loved taking home a "favor". We used the bbq sauce to cook the chicken and besides smelling fabulous, it tasted GREAT! Everyone loved it!!
Thanks again for all your help! I will keep you in mind for other occasions!
Best wishes for continued success!

M & K Hennessey


I just wanted to touch base we did the BBQ sauce as wedding favors when we got married in August of 2006. Not only were we happy with the artwork but were thrilled with the product. These favors were such a hit, that I still have people that attended the wedding asking for more BBQ sauce! Maybe for our anniversary we'll have to order more. It's great to check out your web site and see the favor in the bottom left corner.

A Belmont


Just a quick word of thanks - the personalized bottles were a total hit! The sauce tasted great and everyone got a kick out of my dad's face on the label. Thank you as well for getting the order turned around and shipped out so quickly. I know we were working with a short lead time but we appreciated getting the bottles in early... one less thing for us to worry about.

My father-in-law turns 60 in October and this was such a success, we're thinking of doing it for him as well.

Burgh Scott


BBQ sauce fundraiser. Here is a picture of Arden, the boy who created the artwork for the label. We have done great with the sale, we are down to 9 bottles left, and everyone just loves it!

C Malek


I just wanted to email you tell you that the BBQ sauce was a hit and everyone loved it!!! Thank you again for everything!